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Boise Whitewater Park - Phase 2 now open!

August 27, 2019// Leave a comment

When I first visited Boise in 2005 a favorite spot for play boating was the 36th Street wave on the Boise River. The Thurman Mill Diversion was what created this feature at the right water level. At that time plans were in place by the Boise City Parks and Recreation Commission to create a Whitewater Park in this same section of river that would offer a whitewater play park for a wider variety of water sports. The next year in 2006 Friends of the Park joined with Boise City Park and Rec. to raise funds for the project.  

In 2012, Phase one of the Whitewater Park was complete with a Wave Shaper that would raise and lower to shape the river features. Surfers and kayakers have a place in town to go enjoy the river, outdoors and test their skills while having fun in the Boise River. When I first moved here several years ago I was impressed with the amount of effort and time the city has and still spends on recreation. 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, July 25, 2019. Phase 2 of the Boise Whitewater Park is now complete and open! Another Wave Shaper adjusts the top feature and two more static waves have been built below that. With Phase one and two now complete there are 4 wave features of different complexity and shape over a ΒΌ mile long section of river. Now surfers, Stand Up Paddle Boarders, Boogie Boarders, & Kayakers can go to the whitewater park and have a wave feature to pick from. This combined with Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park makes this area very unique and something Boise Residents can enjoy for years to come!


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