1" Color Coded Rollercam Strap - Padded

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The traditional Cam Buckle and Strap has been a staple in gear bags for years.  They are easy to use and provide a simple means for positive securement.   Rollercam┬« Technology has finally solved the problem associated with standard cam buckles  not being able to tightened the webbing efficiently and securely.

Current cam buckle design consists of a body and a thumb release biased by mechanical springs.   The Rollercam┬« Technology has integrated a roller mechanism, a complex thumb release geometry and multiple springs to allow for a smooth operating cam strap which may be tightened 5-10 times greater than the standard cam buckle.  


  • Polypro webbing, heavy duty tight weave
  • 2" soft pad behind the buckle protects from scratches
  • Ironed tip
  • Patented Rollercam design
  • No packaging
  • Rated at 1,200 LBS


  • 2' Black
  • 3' Blue
  • 4' Green
  • 6' Red
  • 8' Yellow
  • 9' Yellow
  • 10' Orange
  • 12' Blue
  • 15' Green
  • 20' Purple