Quick Draw SUP Leash

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Safety is key when it comes to attaching yourself to your water craft! We have a few options for SUP leashes, this Quick Draw SUP Leash is the fastest quick release system we have. This leash attaches to side of Life Jacket and offers an easy/quick pull release system. Just pull the red ball, the leash separates into two pieces. The carabiner stays attached to you and the rest of the leash stays attached to the board. When you put it back together just feed the hinge back through the D-ring and snap closed. Now you're ready for round 2!

With Whitewater SUP Paddlers in mind, the Quick Draw
attaches to a Life Jacket and offers an easy pull release system.
• Energy absorbing Coil
• Break-away mechanism with easy pull release
• 2/3 coiled and 1/3 straight is 4’- Max stretch 10’
• Carabiner for quick attachment