Quick Patch 3" x 6"

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Need to repair your kayak before you get on the river? How about a repair patch that will work in the fireld after a long day on the water in the middle of no where...

Quick Patch is a revolutionary product for doing instant repairs on most any hard surface… 

Simply Peel it and Seal it.. It’s that simple … 

Quick​ Patch is as Pliable as a Band-Aid when you take it out of the package and as Hard as a Fiberglass Boat 10 minutes later… It will adhere to all types of piping, glass, fiberglass, metals, wood polyethylene etc.. You will find hundreds of uses for this product.

Quick Patch is a one of a kind unique product that uses UV light to transform it into a hard patch which you can sand paint or drill within 10 minutes.

Remember outdoors, the sun cures the patch. Indoors, you’ll need a UV flashlight.