Supra Whitewater Spray Skirt


Tough and easy-on with a tenacious seal, the Supra Deck spraydeck sets the standard for function and value. Whitewater Spraydecks can have more fancy colors, but the durable black supratex gives you the maximum in conservative functional performance. Suitable for both whitewater paddling and kayak touring, the Supra Bunjie Deck let boat and paddler become one.

This is a new skirt, augmenting our well known Supra construction. It's finished with an effective Bunjie seal. A favorite of paddlers who demand durability. The Supra Deck has 4-mm Supratex neoprene protecting all possible wear points. Supratex inherently stretches in four directions, decreases wear and keeps you warm and dry in any paddling condition. The skirt is internally and externally stitched from the confluence of the deck to the tunnel for maximum durability and function. Features include a grip top tunnel and a tubed grabloop.

Cockpit Size:

  • Universal: 28-30"
  • Super Key: 30-32"
  • Super XL: 32-34"

Waist Size:

  • Small: 28-32"
  • Med: 32-34"
  • Large: 34-36"
  • XL: 36-38"


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