WildWasser Ultra Dry Throw Bag

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This is one of those ideas that you have sitting on the side of the river after having to empty your boat time and time again..."what if I could keep my throw rope from soaking up water?" Here is the answer, The Ultra Dry Throw Bag is a throw bag in a sealed dry bag. This throw bag stays lightweight because the ropes don’t hold water being sealed in a dry bag away from the elements that also naturaly wear down gear. 


  • 65’, 5/16 Rope, Available in Poly & Spectra rope
  • Dry bag for storing and keeping your rope clean and dry!
  • Loop at the end of the bag for secure tie down options

Rope Options

  • 65’, 5/16 1000 lb MFP Polypropylene core, yellow with blue tracer 
  • 65’, 5/16 2500 lb Spectra core, yellow with red tracer (Stuffed bag weight - 1lb. 4.6oz)