Yampa Pogies

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Hand warmers for your paddles! If you don't like the feel of gloves between your hands and the paddle, Pogies are the solution to cold water paddling. Offering a warm barrier from the elements these pogies securely velcro/snap onto the paddle shaft. The pogie creates a warm pocket inside and sheds any water or splash away to keep your hands warm during your trip all while keeping a good grip on your paddle with nothing between your hands and the paddle. Also, If you are already paddling with gloves and need just a little more warmth this is what your looking for.


  • Internal O-Ring gasket allows for increased hand warmth without hindering paddling movement
  • Powertex Neoprene for both durability and thermal protection
  • End snaps secure the seal on the hook and loop strip
  • Great for all sorts of paddling